Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Desert sands color the sky in France In yellow-orange

On Saturday, clouds of sandy dust that were carried by the winds from the desert covered the sky of France, which led to the “coloration” of the southern and eastern skies in yellow.

“The low pressure in the Iberian Peninsula causes strong air currents from the south, which brought sand from the desert to France,” the organization “Meteo France” stated on its website.

The authority added that “the presence of sand in the air gave a yellow-orange color to the sky in southern, eastern, and central-eastern France, on Saturday morning.”

Many social media users published pictures of different regions, from Toulouse (southwest) to Strasbourg (east), passing through Lyon (east), and Grenoble (southeast), showing natural landscapes and famous sites under the influence of this phenomenon.

The origin of the sandstorm is low off Morocco, the dust that was then carried by the winds raised.

Frederick Nathan, a meteorologist at Meteo France, explained that the rise of sand particles from the desert “is a phenomenon that occurs regularly, provided there are relatively strong southern air masses, especially in the fall and winter.”
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