Monday, July 26, 2021

Art faces “world anxiety” in the internet age

The acceleration of dependence on the Internet during the last two decades has had a clear impact on our behavior and our perception of things, thanks to these new tools, communication between individuals have become easier than ever before.

How did art deal with these digital theses imposed by this culture? And how did the artists express these new perceptions and the new feelings that produced them? How has the picture changed, and how we view it in front of all these transformations?

These and other questions are the focus of the critical texts included in the book “Art in a Time of Anxiety” recently published by the Sharjah Art Foundation in cooperation with Moral Publishing House in London.

This latest publication demonstrates the Sharjah Foundation’s endeavor to document the most prominent experiences of contemporary art in the region, and to shed light on the most important issues and challenges facing artists and art professionals at the regional and global levels.

The aforementioned exhibition has collected artworks by more than 30 artists from around the world, linked to the quest to uncover the effects of technology, devices, and social networks on our awareness.

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