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“Instagram” is considering a new procedure to enhance the privacy of its users

The “Instagram” network intends to make adjustments to the “stories” feature, by removing the option to share posts from feeds to stories for some users, as part of a new test and to avoid repeating the post to users.

And according to the British newspaper “The Independent”, users of the application receive notifications about the upcoming change, which disables the option to re-share a picture or video clip from “The Videos” to the stories.

The network says that some people “do not want to see the same content in the viruses, which are shared in the stories, as each feature was created for a different purpose.”

A banner appears at the top of the app with a message for users who have been selected to take part in this quiz: “We know, through some users, that they want to see fewer stories posts. During this quiz, you won’t be able to add a brochure to your story.”

The network pointed out that it “is conducting testing in a small number of selected areas,” noting “there is no plan to spread this change on a larger scale at the current stage.” The company has not specified which areas will lose access to the re-share option.

At a time when the “stories” feature has become central to the “Instagram” app, this has become a major way to highlight new posts on traditional “viruses”.

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