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Cinematographer Giuseppe Rotono dies at 97

The Italian director of photography Giuseppe Rotono, who assisted the major names in the world of directing, including Federico Fellini, Lucino Fescotti, and Sydney Pollack, died at the age of 97, according to what Italian media announced on Sunday.

“Pepino” Rotono, born in 1923 in Rome, entered the world of cinema at the age of twenty after he asked Roberto Rossellini to shoot “The Man With A Cross”.

After that, he worked with the most prominent Italian directors, most notably Federico Fellini, as he directed photography in 8 of his films, including “Casanova” (1976), “Sattericon” (1969), in addition to “Lucino Visconti” and “Vittorio Di Sica”.

Rotono also had a career abroad, collaborating with famous names such as “John Houston, Mike Nichols, Sydney Pollack, and Terry Gilliam.”

He was nominated for an Oscar, and he also won the BAFTA Award (the equivalent in Britain to the Oscar

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