Friday, October 15, 2021

A British study reveals the limits of side effects of “Corona vaccines”

A recent British study revealed that one in three individuals who received the anti-virus vaccine in the United Kingdom experienced some side effects, indicating that “pain around the injection site was the most common side effect.”

The British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC” quoted British researchers who collected reactions and comments on Covid-19 vaccines, saying: “All the expected side effects were not dangerous, and feeling some pain around the injection site is the most common.”
And the British government network indicated that “the results of the study were collected from more than 40 thousand people, most of the workers in the health care sector,” “reassuring to the millions who are now receiving vaccines.” She pointed out that “although some side effects are expected to appear, this is not a bad thing.”

The BBC stated that “vaccines use a harmless copy or part of the Coronavirus to teach the body how to recognize the real virus and fight it, in case it needs to.”

The British researchers explained that “the side effects are not related to the disease itself, but rather to the body’s response to the vaccine,” noting that “Corona vaccines do not contain the epidemic virus, and then they cannot infect the recipients with the disease,” according to the BBC.

The Zoe Covid application team, which specializes in collecting information on the Coronavirus and affiliated with King’s College in London, found that 37% of those who received the Corona vaccine had suffered from some “localized after-effects”, such as feeling pain or swelling near a site Injection, and this percentage rose to 45% of those who received two doses.

The British team revealed that 14% suffered from fever within seven days of receiving the first dose, and this percentage increased to about 22% after the second dose, confirming that these subsequent effects completely disappeared within a few days, according to the BBC.

Experts expected the Corona vaccine to cause slight side effects after the first or second dose, and include, pain, redness or swelling at the site of the vaccine injection, fever, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, and joint pain.

Professor Tim Spector, the principal investigator of the “Zoe Covid” application, told the BBC: “In general, this data should reassure most people, and that anyone has experienced a fever or other symptoms that could indicate infection.” With the Coronavirus, he must undergo tests even if he was previously vaccinated.

The BBC quoted Dr. Anna Goodman, of Guy and St. Thomas Hospital in the capital, London, who is conducting experiments on coronavirus vaccines, saying: “The side effects may be annoying, but it indicates that the immune system responds to the vaccine, however, still. People need to adhere to the rules of social distancing because the protection may not reach 100%. “

“Suffering from a fever does not mean that you are more immune, and you cannot assume that, but it indicates that your immune system is doing something,” Goodman emphasized, adding that “paracetamol can be taken for mild after-effects, such as inflammation of the arm.”

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