Saturday, January 29, 2022

Top Tire Capital raises $ 1.2 billion in new financing

Top Tier Capital Partners, known for its investments in some of the best tech companies in Silicon Valley, has raised $ 1.2 billion in new financing, bringing its total funds under management to $ 7.5 billion.

The San Francisco-headquartered company invests in companies such as Andreessen Horowitz, Mayfield Fund and True Ventures. Top Tire also invests directly in startups prior to offering them an IPO, such as DraftKings, as well as Talkspace, which has announced its listing on the stock exchange through a “blank check” company.

Top Tire’s investors include pension funds and family offices. The company stated that about half of its money comes from outside the United States.

proven track record
David York, CEO of Top Tire, notes that the company’s long track record in the industry has provided quality opportunities. For investors.

He added: About 90% of the success is due to about 10% of the managers, who “have the ability to see what is hidden in the corners,” as they search for companies with strong networks, a proven track record, and potential capabilities for growth.

Although some of these investments benefited from the boom in the activity of “blank check” companies, York is hesitant about them, considering that they are “somewhat common today and there are many of them .. they come and go.”

The strong performance of technology stocks did well for the return on investment, but it made making new investments costly. However, Garth Timall, one of the investment managers at Top Tire, believes that “even in this market, there is an opportunity to make money.”

“The company values ​​diversity, even before the investment industry came under scrutiny in recent years because there were very few female or minority partners who were not fully represented,” Timol continues.

“We have always had a diverse leadership team. It’s not a new phenomenon for us,” confirms Timol, who is black.

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