Sunday, May 16, 2021

“Coda” wins 4 awards at the American “Sundance” festival

Independent drama film “Coda” won first prize at the Sundance Film Festival on Tuesday, while musician Questlav’s debut film won the Documentary category award.

“Koda” (an expression formed from the initials of an English phrase referring to children of deaf adults) tells the story of a high school student (played by Emilia Jones) contested by her passion for music and her eagerness to stay home to help her parents and deaf brother.

The film’s story is taken from the French play “La Famille Pellier”, which was shown in 2014, and the events of the film take place in Gloucester, known for its fishing in the state of Massachusetts, from which director Sian Heder hails.

trend04 – Screengrab of Coda (2021), starring (from left) Emilia Jones, Troy Kotsur and Marlee Matlin. PHOTO: SUNDANCE INSTITUTE / YOUTUBE##########c##########SUNDANCE INSTITUTE

And “Apple” bought the film, which was very popular on the Internet, for a record price for a film shown at the Sundance Festival, which is $ 25 million, after fierce competition between film distribution companies.

“I am very happy and very moved,” said director Sian Heder, upon receiving the award online. Heider previously directed the series “Orange Is the New Black”.

Heder and actress Emilia Jones worked on learning sign language specifically for the film, in which the main roles were assigned to a number of well-known deaf actors, including Oscar-winning actress Marley Matlin (“Childrens of a E Lesser Gade”), and the film won the Audience Award. The first, in addition to two awards for the director and actress.

Questlove’s debut film, “Summer of Soul .. Or One The Revolution Code Not By Tele-Up”, for the Black Woodstock Festival held in Harlem in 1969, won the Jury and Audience Awards for Best Documentary.

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