Monday, July 26, 2021

As it did with the iPhone… Will Apple change the world’s concept of electric cars?

Since the first week of this year, the news of the Apple electric car ignited the technical market, and everyone is in anticipation of the US giant’s next move, which is expected to change the shape of the smart electric car market.

The technology market has witnessed many years of rumors and reports about the nature and fate of Apple’s secret Project Titan, which is the code name for the company’s efforts in the smart car sector, and whether this project will focus on manufacturing intelligent autonomous driving systems only, or will it go in the direction of manufacturing a complete car.

In a report published by “Reuters” agency, “Hyundai Motors” confirmed that there were consultations with Apple regarding the manufacture of its first electric car, and that the matter is still within the framework of the first discussions.

These details were also confirmed by a new report from a local Korean newspaper (Korea IT News), which indicated that Apple and Hyundai are about to sign a partnership agreement by next March, and production will begin in the United States, specifically in Georgia, by 2024.

The Korean newspaper report stated that the arrival of Apple’s self-driving cars to the market will be in 2027.

Interestingly, the Korean newspaper omitted details of the dates of the start of production, the launch of cars and the place of production in an amended version of the report.

It also deleted an important part that says that the initial annual production rate will be 100 thousand cars at the beginning, but the fixed rate will be 400 thousand cars, and that the two companies will work on producing a prototype of the car by next year.

A new report also indicated that the two giants will sign the partnership agreement by February 17th. The agreement includes investments by Apple worth $ 3.6 billion in Kia Motors, a Hyundai Motors company, which will be responsible for producing the Apple electric car at its factory. In Georgia.

While the “Kia” company has already begun its preparations to communicate with companies to complete the assembly of Apple’s electric car components, a new report confirmed that the American company is communicating with about 6 leading Japanese companies in the auto industry to manufacture its first car.

According to expectations, the manufacture of the Apple electric car will not be a task for one company, and therefore it is likely that Apple will rely on at least two companies in this task.

New technologies … and Tesla are shown
The reports indicated that the next Apple car will work with advanced technologies, by relying on LiDAR optical radar sensors, and the company may rely on designing and manufacturing its own sensors, or by relying on companies specialized in manufacturing these sensors.

The famous financial analyst, Ming Chi-kyu, announced his expectations for the adoption of the next Apple car on the Hyundai E-GMP platform, which is used as a base for electric self-driving cars, which was revealed by the Korean company last December.

The new platform provides two motors with a battery capacity that supports walking for 500 km with a single charge, and the battery can be charged within 18 minutes by 80%, while providing the ability to reach a speed of 60 miles per hour from stability within 3.5 seconds.

A Reuters report also confirmed that the Apple car will use new technology in the manufacture of electric batteries, so that it can reduce the cost of manufacturing as well as expand the range of the car on a single charge, which will push its performance to compete strongly in the electric car market.

Apple’s design for its battery focuses on the use of the MonoCell method, so that all individual cells can be compressed with a design that paves the way for the internal space in the battery to contain more active materials, and this provides a wider range of battery performance.

According to the report, Apple is testing a new chemical called LFP, or ferric lithium phosphate, which provides better performance and a higher level of safety in dealing with high temperatures, compared to conventional lithium batteries for electric cars.

But Elon Musk, founder and director of Tesla, a leading company in the smart car industry, did not pass the report unnoticed, as he went out on his official Twitter account to comment on the technologies expected to arrive in the Apple car, confirming that these different technologies in the battery are already applied in Tesla cars.

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