Saturday, January 29, 2022

Apple settles $ 25 million deal for the movie “Coda”

Apple Studios won the purchase of the rights to the movie “CODA”, the story and directed by American Cyan Heder, for $ 25 million, a deal that is considered a record and prestigious deal, according to Variety.

The film, which opened the 2021 edition of the “Sundance Film Festival” last Thursday, addresses the problem of deaf people and integration into society in a comedic dramatic format that carries a lot of hope, positive feelings, and emotions.

“Coda” is a remake of the French film “La Famille Belier” (2014) by Eric Laertigo, and he won many awards, including the best film awards at the 2015 “Cesar” and “Lumiere” festival.

Critic Owen Gleiberman believes that director Cyan Heder added to her film “Code” a special American flavor, with an overabundance of feelings, emotions, and inspiration.

A story saturated with emotions
The movie “Code” deals with the story of “Ruby”, an attractive and cohesive character, a high school student (played by Emilia Jones), and the only daughter who is heard in a deaf family working fishing on the coast of Massachusetts in the United States of America.

Ruby plays a crucial role in the daily life of her family, but her dream of being a singer leads her to a scholarship opportunity that imposes a life-changing choice, as she is confused between leaving her family to achieve her goals, or staying in the warmth of life and the warmth of feelings.

Fierce competition
Apple Studios, led by Jimmy Erlich and Zach Van Amburg, paid nearly $ 25 million to acquire the film, dashing sales last year, with Palm Springs totaling $ 22 million.

The American press stated that the audience’s response to the first screening of the film and the positive reviews contributed to the competition and bidding war that Netflix and Amazon waged, as well as Apple.

And “Apple” acquired the rights to the project around the world and is said to be buying the rights to broadcast the film in previously sold international territories, which helped finance the production.

Hope for huge sales
Three companies, CAA Media Finance, ICM, and Pathe Films, brokered the deal on behalf of the filmmakers, including writer and director Sian Heder, director of “Tallulah” that was shown at the Sundance Festival in 2016. Sundance’s feasibility as a movie sales station has moved the market despite the global pandemic and could calm the situation with huge sales.

During her interview with “Variety”, Sian expressed her enthusiasm for “Apple” winning the movie, saying that “it will reach the widest possible audience in a thoughtful and meaningful way.”

She added that “the entire team is also grateful to the Sundance Festival, for being part of the film’s journey,” expressing her hope that the film and the strong support from “Apple” will help open some of the doors that stand in the way of integrating people with special needs in acting, thus paving the way. For more stories focusing on characters from the Deaf and Handicapped community. “

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