Tuesday, May 18, 2021

“Clubhouse ” is the star of the future, and “Tik Tok” and others should be anxious

Since its launch in March, the Clubhouse has gradually become a cultural phenomenon, attracting politicians, celebrities and experts from all walks of life. Thanks to its success and remarkable support, this platform may now be ready to transform the entire social media space.

The latest Clubhouse numbers reveal just how fast it has grown. During a weekly event that took place on Sunday, co-founder Paul Davison said that the app’s weekly active user base has doubled to 2 million in the past two weeks. He also announced that the startup has launched another round of investment led by venture capital firm Andreasen Horowitz, adding that it now has more than 180 investors. While it did not provide any details, The Information said on Friday that the Clubhouse had received a valuation of nearly $ 1 billion. If this is true, then it means that the value of the company has increased tenfold since a series of the first rounds of financing in May, led by Andressen Horowitz as well.

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