Tuesday, January 18, 2022

“Corona Fingers” … a new puzzle that raises the curiosity of scientists!

People with Coronavirus hope to get out of this experience with the least possible damage, but some may suffer from other symptoms: One of them is called “Covid 19 fingers.” What is the story of this mysterious viewer? What do scientists know about him so far?

Fever, cough, and loss of sense of smell and taste are known symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus. Anyone infected with this virus hopes to get out of this experience with the least possible damage. But even if you survive the disease, you may suffer from other symptoms: one of them is called “corona fingers” or “Covid 19 fingers.”

Have you heard about this mysterious symptom before? The msn website provides the latest information on it so far:

Scientists initially believed that corona is a disease that primarily affects the lungs. But over the course of months, there were increasing indications that the coronavirus was also affecting other organs in the body and the entire body, even the toes were not spared. Some people have observed inflammation of the skin of the toes that resembles swollen fingers.

Skin symptoms

Other symptoms that may occur after infection with Covid-19 disease are less frequently reported by patients. Some people have an infection in their toes, which can be itchy and painful. The so-called “Covid 19 fingers.” It is an inflammation of the skin of the toes and is similar to swelling and is among the long-term symptoms of the disease, but the fingers are rarely affected.

This symptom retracts “Covid-19 fingers” on its own after about 10 to 14 days. However, some also experience changes in their feet for as long as six months. The information available so far has shown that infection with “Covid 19 fingers” is more common among people under the age of 31 years. Such changes in the skin are recorded in the International Register of Dermatology Caused by COVID-19. There is information stored on more than a thousand patients from about 40 countries who have skin changes due to the Coronavirus.

Serious symptom?

Most patients with this symptom usually describe it as swelling and change in the color of the toe skin to red, purple and then blue. After that, blisters usually appear and eventually turn black. The swelling may be normal, but it may also be itchy and painful.

There is no official recommendation for treating “Covid 19 fingers”, due to the lack of research and studies in this regard. But in general, experts advise keeping the body and feet warm. Fortunately, however, there is no sign that “Covid-19 fingers” may pose a risk, but research is still ongoing. The German Society of Dermatology also recommends treating the symptoms of Covid toes only, i.e. itching and possible pain.

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