Monday, July 26, 2021

The bag we’re craving this spring: The Short Story by Alexander McQueen

The Alexander McQueen collection of bags for Spring / Summer 2021 features new editions of the Story Collection, as the brand introduces unique designs for The Short Story, inspired by the original The Toll Story collection.

The modern metallic handles are inspired by Alexander McQueen’s jewelry and feature natural curves that allow for easy carrying. The pieces were also provided with detachable leather straps, allowing them to be carried around the body or on the shoulder.
As for the colors of the collection, they are available in seasonal gradations in black, light brown, gray-brown, light pink, and yellow, as well as distinct copies of the crocodile skin pattern in black. The pieces feature innovative versions of natural fabric or soft leather decorated with new X-ray prints.
On the other hand, the collection includes various models from the Story Collection, including shoulder bags and bags that can be worn at all times.

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