Tuesday, January 18, 2022

A billion-dollar cruise ship houses the first roller coaster in the seas

In Finland, during its dark and cold winters, and in the midst of a pandemic and what the world is experiencing, the ship workers of the “Mayer Turku” company are working hard to install a giant roller coaster onboard a cruise ship, the first of its kind in the world.

Their other colleagues are installing a beverage plant using filtered seawater, which will serve an enormous audience of 6,500 passengers on board this vessel.

Passenger health protection
Carnival is planning its inaugural flight in April, with the introduction of week-long routes throughout the Caribbean. However, this matter maybe just a dream, given that the CDC will oblige all ships to submit requests for certificates (the details of which have not yet been determined), as well as conduct test flights to prove the ships’ preparedness for the epidemic.

The first natural gas cruise ship
This ship may also be the first cruise ship in North America to operate on liquefied natural gas, which reduces fine particles by more than 95% and reduces 20% of carbon emissions, compared to marine diesel fuel.

Build a roller coaster on a ship
The “Ultimate Sea Coaster” contains small buggies that accommodate two people, and takes them on a journey of sharp turns and turns on a track length of 243 meters.

The speed of the roller coaster can be adapted for children or experienced thrill-seekers, as the accelerator pedal inside their vehicles allows the speed to be controlled. Where these vehicles can be driven using a turbocharged engine and can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour.

This roller coaster may not be the largest or the largest on land, but it exerts its superiority in the oceans. And there is a good reason why no one has ever built a roller coaster on a cruise ship.

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