Friday, June 18, 2021

Netflix presents the second part of “Lupin” this summer

The “Netflix” entertainment network announced the presentation of a second part of the series “Le Pen” next summer, after the first part of it set records, approaching 70 million views since it was shown on that digital platform about a month ago.

“Le Pen” is based on the adventures of “Arsene Le Pen”, and tells the story of a child of Senegalese origin named “Asaan Diop” who searches for the innocence of his father, after he committed suicide in his prison after he was accused of stealing an antique contract by an extremely wealthy French family, where he worked as a driver for them.

Smart output
The two French directors Louis Loturier and Marcella Syed succeeded in creating a short series of 5 episodes, which enjoyed wide success and in a short time, as they were able to penetrate the wall of the largest American television productions market in the world, through a simple and interesting directing style with a nice French footprint.

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