Saturday, January 29, 2022

This is the fastest way to fight loneliness on a winter night

The blues of winter and the long, cold nights make many of us stay home, which can enhance our loneliness. A recent study revealed simple weather that makes you feel good and improve quickly.

The results of a popular study called “hot coffee” in 2008 showed that holding a hot cup of coffee or any other warm drink in the hand also makes us feel comfortable and emotionally “warm”. However, the results of the study have not been extensively studied yet.

But recently researchers released a new study that supports the theory that warmth makes you feel better and removes loneliness, especially during cold winter days. The results of this study were published by a magazine called “Freundin”, which is a German women’s magazine.

Researchers from the University of Florida and New York University asked 78 students to participate in a test on small heating bags, but they did not initially reveal the true purpose of this test. They wanted to see if there was really a relationship between temperature and feeling better.

To investigate this, they distributed small heating bags or pads to the students and asked them several times about their psychological state. The heating pads were switched on and off several times to see if the students’ moods could change with the temperature change. The tests were done on cold days because other studies have shown that on those very days we tend to stay home and feel lonely.

Students asserted that they did not feel enthusiastic to meet with friends and family on cold days and that they preferred to stay home alone then felt lonely more than before. However, once the researchers turned on the small thermal pads, students suddenly said that they were more energetic and excited to go out and meet friends. Researchers now have evidence that heat has a positive effect on the body and helps increase feelings of comfort and motivation.

The authors of this study advise people when feeling discomfort, loneliness, and apathy, to take a hot bath or warm the body with a warm blanket and drink a cup of hot drink, which may be reflected in mood and positive feeling.

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