Friday, October 15, 2021

Corona doubles the demand for non-alcoholic drinks

Over the past year, a number of Hollywood and sports celebrities have promoted and supported alcoholic beverage companies, from football player Piton Manning and Whiskey from Tennessee to singer Bruno Mars and tropical rum, as well as actor Ryan Reynolds’ famous promotion of “aviation gin”. Which led to $ 610 million in sales for Diaego Plc.

This year, however, it is different, as non-alcoholic drinks have attracted big names. Athletic Brewing, a Connecticut-based company that produces only non-alcoholic beer, has announced a strong roster of prominent supporters, such as professional soccer stars J.J. Wat and Justin Tuck, David Chung, founder of the “Momofuku” culinary brand, cycling legend Lance Armstrong, as well as the founder of Toms Shoes, Blake Mycosky.

Significant growth in sales of non-alcoholic beverages
Alcohol-free beer saw significant growth during the pandemic, despite data indicating an increase in alcohol consumption. Athletics sales grew by about 500% in 2020 compared to the previous year, and revenues rose from $ 2.5 million to about $ 15 million over the past year.

The non-alcoholic beer market witnessed a general growth over the past year by nearly 39%, or about $ 187 million, according to the market research firm “IRI”. In an interview with Bloomberg Radio on January 12, Schoffelt said that the beverage sector in this category has grown by more than 300%, and that Athletic has a 61% market share in this market.

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