Saturday, January 29, 2022

“Apple TV” produces a series about the story of the rise and fall of the “We Work” company

The “Apple TV Plus” service is a short series about the giant “WeWork” company in the field of office-sharing, which is on the verge of bankruptcy after arousing great excitement on Wall Street, with Jared Leto in the role of former company president Adam Newman.

“Apple TV Plus,” said in a statement on Friday that the series “Wickrushed: The Rise and Fall of We Work” will feature “The Rise of We Work, which was printed with greed and its inevitable fall.”

WeWork was created in 2010 on the basis of a shared office model that combines flexibility and a friendly, participatory atmosphere, targeting emerging technology companies in particular.

WeWork, with its innovative and dynamic image, quickly attracted investors, so that its theoretical estimated value reached $ 47 billion in January 2019, after it started managing more than 4 million square meters of participatory space for the benefit of several companies.

The group was preparing to enter the New York Stock Exchange in a move that was accompanied by great fanfare. Within a few weeks, however, WeWork’s career went through disastrous quarters that it was forced to de-list its shares at the end of September 2019.

There were concerns on Wall Street about the WeWork economic model and its irrational unfounded profitability, with particular concern for its governance.

Japan’s SoftBank Corporation, the most prominent shareholder in WeWork, was forced to pump billions of dollars in vain, prompting the president of the American company, Adam Newman, to resign after receiving a huge financial settlement.

Oscar-winner Jared Leto is co-working with actress Anne Hathaway, also Oscar winner, like Rebecca, wife of Adam Newman and co-founder of WeWork, who in turn was forced to leave the group in 2019.
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