Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The luminous yellow is one of the most prominent fashion trends in Winter 2021

Luminous yellow is the color that brought sunshine into fashion shows. After months of home quarantine, this color was a warm addition to the palette of colors that coordinated beautifully with all other colors derived from nature, vividness, or even pastel tones. It is a fun, well-spirited color.

  • If you have cool skin, you may need a slightly darker shade of yellow to brighten it and make it radiant.
  • Yellow and white give you a summer look par excellence.
  • Mixing yellow with neutral colors gives it a lot of elegance.
  • If you like a bright yellow look, mix it with accessories in beige or neutral tones.
  • You can choose a wonderful tropical look by mixing yellow with bright colors such as orange or turquoise blue.
    Look for crystal or other jewelry decorated with large beads in bright colors for a distinct look.

Coordinate accessories with yellow

Brown or wooden accessories complement the yellow color and give it a beautiful practical look.

Accessories made of wood or crystal brighten yellow looks.

Golden accessories add luxury to the yellow color.

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