Monday, July 26, 2021

Tesla unveils a major update to its “S” class car

Tesla announced, Thursday, the first radical update of its “S” car since 2012, through which it will allow a major change in the exterior and interior design of the car, with the introduction of a new version with a larger battery capacity that allows speeds up to 520 miles per hour (mile equals 1609 meters) ), With the ability to reach 60 mph from sleep in less than two seconds.

The company has succeeded in providing this wide range of speed in its new car, through technology for an efficient and ideal speed-up process that maintains the car and its performance, which Tesla says makes the new version provide the fastest speed increase system in the history of the entire automotive world.

air resistance
The previous information was not disclosed by the company, but CNET monitored it inside the detailed information of the new update data. It is not clear yet which versions of the new update will enjoy this feature.

And Tesla explained that the new feature will give the new version of the “S” the title of the most powerful car in the world in terms of air resistance during the acceleration process, which made it achieve a drag coeffiecent of 0.208, which is less than what Lucid Air achieved. The rate is 0.21.

A new driving experience
Through the new version of its “S” car, the company introduced an update to the car’s interior design, as the main screen is no longer in a vertical position as it was before, but rather has become more horizontal, along with two small screens, one at the bottom of the big screen, and the other available to passengers in Rear seat.

Tesla has developed the shape of the steering wheel to become closer to the steering of a spacecraft, and takes the design of a butterfly or the distinctive U-letter, and the company has maintained a screen behind the wheel to display important information about the car in the eyes of its driver.

The price of the new generation “S” model starts at $ 79,990 for the Long Range version, which carries a twin motor with battery capacity enough to travel 412 miles.

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