La Liga .. Mir’s hat-trick leads Huesca to their second victory this season

The last-placed Huesca won their second victory of the season when they beat Valladolid 3-1 on Friday, on the opening day of the 21st round of the Spanish League.

And striker Raphael Mir himself became a star in the ranks of Huesca, scoring the three goals in the 37th, 50th, and 57th minutes before Toni Via Soares scored the honorable goal for the hosts in the third minute of stoppage time.

Huesca revived his hopes of staying in the first division after raising his score to 16 points in last place, 3 points behind the first survivors Osasuna, who is a guest to Real Betis on Monday at the end of the tour.

Huesca is also 4 points clear of Valladolid, 16th-placed, who suffered a second loss in their last four matches without any victory and is now threatening to fall to 18th in the event that Alaves beat their host Getafe on Sunday as well.

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