Sunday, May 16, 2021

Companies that manufacture clothes suitable for working from home

The fast-spreading Coronavirus, which caused the closure of white-collar offices in the country, has exacerbated the growing divide between the uniformed and informal advocates who have been determining the dress code for US companies over the past decade. (As evidence, see the controversy over the shirts worn by Mark Zuckerberg or the flexible dress code in Goldman Sachs).

Video conferencing software such as Zoom complicates matters, as it allows for live meetings and virtual world travel.

What were the traditions that prevailed before the stone and what are we expected to preserve from them? Should I dress up when pursuing something digital with a colleague? What if this person is the manager? What if you were the manager? Is wearing a track jacket while working from the sofa insane?

Sure, they’re strange questions, but we live in strange times.

Taking advantage of the pandemic
Some brands with long experience are leveraging this new field to push a new type of hybrid clothing that combines work and home, formal and casual, suits and sportswear. They promise to provide lingerie comfort within the look of a business outfit, and they feel it’s tailored for our times.

Consider the brand “Nicestuff”, for example, which was founded in 2019 and has worked in informal, rather than woven fabrics, and made out of them the clothes you often see in corporate environments: women’s shirts, men’s shirts with buttons at the neck, and pants. And suddenly these products seemed to be of particular interest.

Communication via illustrated programs
British clothing seller Charles Terwitt used the stone to start promoting a $ 549 wool blend suit.

London’s Hamilton & Hare department store specializes in outdoor clothing such as underwear, nightwear, and lingerie. Suddenly, however, his travel suite has been reconsidered as the ideal solution for working from home. It includes a cotton suit that was originally intended to look stylish while traveling. Now, in a sort of paradox, it might be better to change its purpose for a time when travel is now forbidden or restricted in some countries, to become an occasion to work with a sense of comfort. (And for virtual hours of fun, you can even wear a beach jacket.)

Clothes for surprises
The Alex Mill brand sells what they call “SUB” (pair of shorts with a track jacket). It’s a mix between the classic stitched jacket and the routine casual toddler coat, ideal for wearing a shirt with him if you find your boss suddenly asking you on FaceTime.

Remember that although these garments feel comfortable, the rules of fit still apply. The definition of inappropriate clothing has not changed, whether it is a wrong-sized jacket or a stained shirt.

And if you’re really at a crossroads, consider whether a video call with a co-worker fits a customer call? Don’t be shy about asking your manager for guidance.

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