Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The UAE hosts a virtual version of the “Big Bad Wolf” book market

The activities of the first virtual version of the book sales market, “Big Bad Wolf – United Arab Emirates” will be launched from January 23 to 25.

This edition features thousands of books at discounts of up to 90% through the “Noon” online shopping platform, through a cultural partnership between the Sharjah Book Authority and the international “Big Bad Wolf” company.

The launch, which collects on one platform thousands of titles and literature from various fields of knowledge, is the first event held between the authority and “Big Bad Wolf” after the signing of the partnership agreement with the aim of organizing the largest market for book discounts in the Middle East and North Africa, in a step that strengthens the efforts of the authority. To support the publishing industry and facilitate readers’ access to a wide range of books from all over the world.

Readers can explore a wide world of books at affordable prices that include more than 250,000 books exclusively through the “Noon” online shopping platform. All books will be delivered directly to customers in all emirates of the country within 24 hours of ordering them on the website.

The Chairman of the Sharjah Book Authority, Ahmed bin Rakkad Al Ameri, said: “This hypothetical version of the book sale market represents a new step in line with the authority’s objectives and its strategy to enhance Sharjah’s position on the regional and global cultural work map and to consolidate the culture of reading in the hearts of all members of society.

He added: “The conditions imposed by the spread of the Coronavirus have led to the development of innovative solutions based on modern technological technologies, as e-book stores were able during the last quarter of last year to achieve great and unprecedented leaps, as the percentage of their sales reached about 30% and this enhances the experience The event is held remotely via an e-marketing platform to provide visitors with wide areas of literature, arts, science, philosophy, and others.

For his part, Andrew Yap, co-founder of the “Big Bad Wolf” book market, said: “(Big Bad Wolf) has become one of the most prominent book sales events since its launch in 2018 in Dubai, but we were not able to hold it last year due to the circumstances imposed by the spread of the Covid virus. -19.

He added, “We are pleased to open our doors again to readers, according to a new strategy that ensures that our audience gets the distinguished experience they have enjoyed by offering a wide selection of the best books at discounted prices exclusively on the Noon platform.”

The “Big Bad Wolf” is considered the largest market for selling books in the world at reduced prices of up to 90%, as the company has succeeded in organizing previous events (exhibitions) in 34 cities within 12 countries.

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