Monday, July 26, 2021

How did the Corona pandemic direct attention to investment in scientific research?

Scientists and specialists in nanotechnology affairs called for an increase in public and private investments in the fields of biotechnology and immunology-related research, and stressed during the Future Investment Initiative conference sessions in Saudi Arabia today, Thursday, that the matter has become more urgent than before.

Dr. Ghada Al-Mutairi, co-director of the Center of Excellence in Nanomedicine and Engineering at the University of California, said that the most important message that came during the pandemic period was for better investments in health care, research, and development, whether those investments are governmental or private. On research and development, government spending is very important on research in the coming period, and investment must be made in the field of immunology, “calling for the necessity of working to deliver the vaccine to the largest possible number and spread it widely, and to abandon prejudice.

Rob Linger, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that the areas of healthy nutrition are among the areas that have been overlooked during the last period, and he considered that the present time is appropriate for many investors to invest in promising areas, including the field of nutrition. He stressed the importance of focusing on linking science with business, and with investors.

Great interest in investing in research
Dr. Jin Li, CEO of the Chinese “Heetjin” company, said that the pandemic revealed that other methods of treatment are available, and that it must be prepared to develop treatment and provide adequate resources to deal with diseases.

He said that the pandemic was a different matter from what the world went through from previous diseases, which requires a review of many aspects, such as safety and ethics, and a focus on efficiency, effectiveness and risk management.

Dr. Alex Denner, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer at Sarisa Capital, confirmed that the pandemic has pushed many things forward, and reminded the importance of investing in science and research. He said that investment in the research and pharmaceutical sectors is getting more attention, and other fields such as medicine Heart and nerves will witness a concentration of companies in the coming period.

Diener noted the importance of focusing government budgets on health care, engaging companies in some areas, and providing assistance to larger companies for smaller companies.

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