Saturday, October 16, 2021

Chaumet is redesigning its jewelry as the New Year arrives

Chaumet has been able to maintain its brilliance for 240 years, by relying on the ancient symbols of the house that were chosen by the Empress Josephine de Warnier, wife of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, 12 iconic icons in each piece have been redesigned with glitter and timeless symbols during the year 2020 to fit these pieces A modern and elegant woman at the same time.

The iconic number 12 symbolizes the historic title of 12 Place Vendôme, symbolizing harmony and idealism. Chaumet highlights the Mirage Crown from the Perspectives de Chaumet collection. This exceptional piece is adorned with diamonds and rubies and expresses the status and strength of women and evokes the tradition of transformable jewelry.

The Vendôme in the center of the premiere courtyard reminds us of the house’s imperial past, as it was approved by Emperor Napoleon and his wife Josephine, and the Splendeur Impériale crown ring celebrates luxurious femininity and timelessness elegance.

In honor of the elegant empress who encouraged the arts across France, the letter J in the name of Empress Josephine has become a symbol of absolute confident choices and self-love.

Symbols found in nature such as the bee, wheat, laurel, and lily carry distinctive meanings of the House and are recreated in the exclusive collections of the famous Bee My Love, Jardins, Laurier Precious Jewelry, and Liens Evidénce. Each group carries distinctive symbols, from the geometric designs of the bee and honeycombs that symbolize vitality and activity, to the lily flower, which denotes purity, as well as the wonderful symbols we find craftsmanship and precision in designs.

The Maison’s pieces still prove their presence with their charm and glamor, these royal and feminine pieces are firmly rooted at all times and cherished by women who are distinguished by self-confidence and intelligence, which are the characteristics of the empress who meant a lot to the house.

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