Saturday, October 16, 2021

Sudanese novelist Ibrahim Ishaq dies at the age of 75

The Sudanese Ministry of Culture and Information announced, on Saturday, the death of the novelist Ibrahim Ishaq in the United States, at the age of 75.

Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok said, in a statement, that the late “enriched the Sudanese library with many books and literature, and published many articles and studies in the field of literary criticism and heritage.”

He added, “He gained his literary reputation with a number of unique and new novels on Sudanese literature, during which he presented innovative artistic pictures of the environment in the west of the country.”

Ishaq was born in the village of Wadaa in East Darfur in 1946 and obtained the Higher Teacher Institute degree in 1969 and then the Institute of African and Asian Studies at the University of Khartoum in 1984.

His most prominent works
His most notable novels are “Happened in the Village,” “The Old School Festival,” “The News of the Girl Miyakaya,” “Pal in Clemento,” and “The Scandal of the Noreen Family.”

In the field of short stories, he has published the collections of short stories “People from Kava”, “Presentation of Kabashian Cases”, “Tales of the Solids” and others.

Ishaq won the Literature and Encouragement Arts Prize from the Culture, Literature and Arts Festival in Khartoum in 1979, and held the position of President of the Sudanese Writers Union, as well as a member of the Council for the Development and Promotion of National Languages ​​in Sudan.

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