Friday, June 18, 2021

Shoe lovers are on a date with Shoetopia Island

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of designing the shoe model you wish or choosing what you like from a very wide range? All this is now possible in Dubai, don’t miss Shoetopia.

Launched through the Dubai Shopping Festival’s collaboration with The Dubai Mall, Shoetopia is a shoe lover’s paradise, with its innovative technological activities guaranteeing its enthusiasts an unparalleled experience.

The modern platform includes the ‘Design Your Own Shoe’ suite so that you can design the shoes of your dreams, then share their image via your Instagram account to enter the opportunity to win a new shoe, and the Slip into Your Shoe feature allows shoppers to try the shoes by default after entering QR code and selection between different models and shapes on your mobile phone screen. In addition, there are 3D printing machines with advanced technologies that can embody your chosen models before your eyes.

For more thrill, you can try winning a shoe from Jimmy Choo, as long as you spend a minimum of 350 dirhams, by trying your luck with the pincer and trying to pick up one of the brand’s exceptional shoes.

If you are skilled with the claw machine, this may be the only reason for you to visit Shoetopia, but do not miss the visit to ‘Personalize Your Shoes’ station, designing your shoes with your distinctive touches. A wide range of shoe decorations are available, this feature is provided free of charge for shoppers who spend a minimum of AED 350. As for those who live to grab shopping tricks, they can double their points on Emirates Skywards by purchasing the latest shoe fashions from The Dubai Mall. You can get new points from the Shoetopia table.

Shoppers can also listen to expert panel discussions at “Shoetopia Talks” as they explain everything from new trends to the ones that never fade.

You can visit Shoetopia daily at The Dubai Mall Fashion Catwalk from January 21 until January 30.

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