Sunday, June 13, 2021

Mina Masoud signs his first film contract in Egypt

One of the companies contracted with the Egyptian international star Mina Masoud, for a new film (In the Ezz Al-Dahr), which will be his first participation in Egypt. Also, it will be filmed in more than one European country, along with filming in Egypt.

The film is expected due to the importance of the name of an international star the size of Mina Masoud, and it will include a number of Egyptian stars, and their names will be revealed in the coming days, and the selection took place after several nominations for the author Karim Sorour and director Mark Adel.

And that from the time of his international appearance in 2011, and his starring in a number of works, most notably the movie “Aladdin” produced by “Disney” and co-starring Will Smith and Naomi Scott.

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