Saturday, January 29, 2022

Mercedes and BMW reveal the future of their cars at CES 2021

Mercedes and BMW showcased their latest upcoming technologies for future cars at CES 2021, in its new edition, which takes place for the first time virtually online.

The two giants of the auto industry adopted a new experience for users, whether the driver or passengers, by focusing on replacing the internal front platform of the car with a giant screen.

Although its design suggests that it is a coherent one-piece, the German company made clear that its large screen consists of 3 separate parts, but its design is distinctive, the first for the driver, the second for information, services and entertainment, and the third for passengers.

And distinctive phrases appeared in her press release published on her website, in which she said, “The new platform will combine the analog and digital worlds, which will enhance the relationship and interaction between the vehicle and its driver.”

The statement added: “In many situations, the vehicle has become more aware of a large amount of information compared to the condition of its driver. For example, our vehicles are able to identify road hazards and obstacles by communicating with other vehicles, and they can set expectations for the situations that will pass through them, in addition to expecting the existence of Waiting places are available at the driver’s destination even before his arrival. “

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