Monday, July 26, 2021

Ideas for successful agricultural projects .. Seize the opportunity

With agriculture’s share of global GDP shrinking to only 3%, by 2050 we will need to produce more than 70% of food to meet the needs of the nearly 1.6 billion people worldwide who suffer from hunger; Therefore, it is necessary to search for agricultural project ideas, as they are one of the largest industries in the world; It employs more than 55% of the workforce in countries, especially the least developed.

Naturally, industry and trade depend on agriculture as a primary source of raw materials and as an active commercial market for manufactured goods. Perhaps this importance has gradually led to the recognition of the green economy as an important tool for achieving sustainable development in the world. This concept has already been adopted by many countries around the world; To achieve sustainable development with a focus on job creation, poverty reduction, social justice, and environmental safety for the various sectors of the economy.

Ideas for successful agricultural projects
Many, especially those aspiring to achieve financial independence, are looking for successful and profitable agricultural projects ideas, and there is no doubt that there are many agricultural projects that can be implemented in rural areas and home surfaces, and what is distinctive here is that most of these ideas do not require large areas for cultivation and implementation.

1) The project of growing nuts
Nuts are among the most popular products to buy, such as peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, and almonds; Therefore, you can start implementing the nuts planting project, as it is considered very successful and profitable; That’s why it’s at the top of our list of ideas for farm projects that you can profit from.

2) House roofs cultivation project
Perhaps you do not own a plot of agricultural land and you do not have the ability to rent a suitable plot for practicing some different agricultural activities, and this does not mean that you are excluded from practicing this type of commercial activities; You can use the roof of your private home and work on preparing it and preparing it well to be suitable for some different plantings. Where there are many varieties that can be grown on home surfaces, such as vegetables of all kinds and a number of fruits such as grapes, strawberries, aromatic plants, and flowers such as municipal roses and daffodils, and other plants that people are keen to buy constantly.

3) Mushroom growing project
Mushroom cultivation is one of the most profitable agribusinesses, which can be started with low investment and less space; The cultivation of mushrooms in a number of Arab countries is gradually growing as an alternative source of income for many people, and the United States of America, China, Italy, and the Netherlands are among the largest producers of mushrooms around the world.

There are 3 main types of mushrooms that farmers focus on: “button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and rice straw mushrooms”; Where rice straw mushrooms can grow in temperatures ranging from 35-40 degrees Celsius, oyster mushrooms are grown in the northern plains, while mushrooms grow during the winter season, and all these fungi of commercial importance are cultivated with different methods and techniques, so if you are about to implement Mushroom cultivation project You can use this study and start implementation immediately.

4) A project of growing medicinal herbs
Medicinal plants are the first source of biomolecules with therapeutic potential and can be relied upon for the development of new drugs, according to a number of recent medical studies that herbal medicines are safer, better physiologically compatible, and cost-effective; As the demand for medicinal plants increases with the expansion of human needs, numbers and commercial purpose.

So; The cultivation of medicinal herbs has witnessed a rapid growth in terms of cultivated areas, and the reason for this is due to their use in the manufacture of medicines or the manufacture of natural cosmetics and many other different fields.

5) The beekeeping project
The son raising project is part of the agricultural project ideas that can easily succeed. Especially in light of the intense and continuous demand for honey in most Arab societies, and what is striking about this project is that it does not need a huge capital or a large area of ​​land, and you will not find it difficult to market it. Due to the increasing demand for it from various segments of society; So do not hesitate to implement this project if you aspire to achieve financial independence.

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