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How to avoid falling prey to tourist exploitation traps?

Jason Atherton, one of Britain’s most energetic and brilliant chefs, was taught by Gordon Ramsay, one of the most famous chefs in the world .. And because of the long distances he travels by plane annually, his advice to travelers and tourists is important.

Atherton fought his way alone to establish the “Social” company, which now oversees an empire of international restaurants, including his main Michelin-starred restaurant “Pauline Street Social” in London, and the “Clock Tower” restaurant located in the “Edition” Hotel in New York.

Therefore, “Atherton” travels more than 800 thousand kilometers annually in the air, and his favorite airline is Emirates Airlines, as he says: “It is the airline I travel with most of the time, because I travel regularly through the Middle East to Shanghai and Hong Kong.” He resides in southwest London with his wife, Earha, and their two daughters.

When it comes to food on flights, follow Jude Law’s advice
Actor Jude Law once advised me to take Tabasco pepper sauce on the plane, as airline food is often tasteless, so it would be a good idea to add your own flavor.

However, I try very hard not to eat anything on board the plane at all, I can do that for up to 12 hours normally, but if I am traveling to Australia – for example – I have to eat, of course, because the flight time will be 24 hours. In this case, I only eat meat and drench it with Tabasco sauce.

Here the taste is acceptable, or in fact I only taste the flavor of the sauce, or sometimes I take foods with me, and my favorite dish is a cold, protein-rich salad that contains salmon cooked with a little teriyaki sauce, and fresh chili, with some vegetables that are boiled, and then placed In ice water. I usually bring the salad at home, put it in my backpack, and then eat it after 6 or 7 hours, which is great.

How do you make sure you get fresh food from room service and that it is served to you first?
Every general manager wants to make revolutionary changes in terms of room service, and in this regard I say: “If you think about it carefully, you will find that the essence of room service is to deliver food to the room as quickly as possible; but if the room service employee receives 20 requests to deliver it to the upper and lower floors In a huge building, he would tell me that it would take 40 minutes.

40 minutes is a long time, is not it? .. So when I ask for room service, I say: “I do not want my food to be put in a box that keeps the heat, but I leave it on the table and put a glass cover on it, because the food that is placed inside a box that keeps the heat like pasta continues to cook. Or steak and so it becomes moist, and they’ll deliver your food first, because they can’t just leave it aside (and cool down).

Avoid tourist exploit traps … Two restaurants recommended by Atherton
In the summer I travel to Italy and the south of France for my vacations; In Florence, there are two destinations that you have to go to for food; One is a small restaurant adjacent to the Hermes shop called Cantineta Antinori, and this restaurant was the home of the Antinori family, which were competing with the Medici family for the title of the best banking family in Italy.

Thousands of years have passed, and at the present time the family owns a small restaurant there, and when I ate for the first time tomato pasta in it, time stopped, and I felt as if I was in a movie, and despite my repeated attempts to prepare this pasta myself, it was not like what The restaurant served it, so I gave up.

And along the old street a bit, there is a small sandwich shop called “Eno”, which if you do not reach it at 11:00 in the morning, you will not get your food, because the customers queue along the same building.

The shop offers 30 types of sandwiches on its menu, and my favorite is the “Nduia” meat sandwich, which is a type of Italian salami with “Gorgonzola” cheese and “Focaccia” bread; Because I’m afraid I won’t like any other sandwich I order, so I keep eating the same sandwich every time I go to the restaurant.

Once I said to the owner: “I want to bring you to London, in order to open a restaurant, and share the profits equally. I will collect the money myself, I really want to sell your sandwiches in London, but he replies: No, no, no .. It’s good like this. I’m glad you are. Come as a customer of the restaurant. “

Follow the “one year” rule when choosing a new restaurant anywhere
I have opened 17 restaurants throughout my life so far, and I can tell you that all of them have not succeeded since the first day, it is impossible, after almost a year has passed, the restaurant is evolving, and it really begins to stand on its feet; Staff begin to get to know their regular customers, the chef gets to know suppliers of items closely, and restaurant staff are not intimidated when they watch a food critic walk in.

You have to wait until this mess ends, to know what this restaurant can achieve from a real experience, and therefore make sure that the restaurant you go to has been open for at least one year, and if you ask the best chefs, they will say the same.
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Mayfair in London is the global destination for menswear
David Gandhi, a friend of mine, has become a brand ambassador for “Tom Sweeney” since its launch many years ago, and I remember seeing David on several occasions, and saying to him, “Oh my God, how beautiful is this suit! Where did you get it?” And he replies: “It is custom-designed by Tom Sweeney.”

The brand had just opened a ready-to-wear store about a year ago in the Mayfair neighborhood in Broughton Place, which has become a destination for stylish young men, and there is also the Anderson & Shepherd store on the wonderful Burlington Street, which sells the most beautiful socks. , Underwear, and robes.

There is also a store, “Drix”, my favorite destination for unusual things in London, such as strange winter shoes and distinctive hats, and I also bought a cotton jacket for the summer to bring it from the store, it is luxury in all its meanings.

How do you get a higher-class hotel room just by saying two words?
Request a “corner room” in the hotel, as it is generally larger. Think about how the hotel uses the building space .. The corner suites are usually wider than the middle ones, and more interesting because they provide two views (but they may be more expensive).

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