Sunday, June 13, 2021

Hani Al-Burai .. Founder of PassApp

He was raised in an entrepreneurial family. What enhanced his investment-driven lifestyle; So that “Hani Al-Burai” became an entrepreneur since his childhood; He founded several companies that achieved great success and spread outside Egypt.

Engineer Hani Al-Buraei was born in 1977, to a father of industrialists in Egypt in the 1990s, and a mother who worked in a bank. What strengthened the entrepreneurial thought characteristic of the family; This had a great impact on his life, and the career of his brother, who won local and international awards in horse jumping.

His father wanted to support him; Through real opportunities to go through many investment experiences; It gave him courage in the field of investment and the establishment of small companies.

Al-Burai was fond of the world of technology since his childhood; He took advantage of that in many business and investment activities, especially when he established his first project in 1991 when he was only 14 years old; Which further developed his entrepreneurial sense.

Al-Borai majored in computer studies, at the Faculty of Engineering, 6th of October University. Where he studied several disciplines and learned to program, but he did not show interest in the academic part and the curricula prescribed at the university, so he used the famous search engines and YouTube; In order to maintain his learning pace, he was also keen on being familiar with the world of finance and business.

Hani Al-Burai decided to move towards independence in work after he passed his second decade of life. He founded dozens of startups, most notably StockCash, which worked to link and unify the stock exchange with banks. It was considered one of the most important startups in Egypt and was able to maintain its presence for 10 years before it stopped completely due to the disruption of the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 2011.

Launching E7gezly app
Hani Al-Borai used to see “human lines” extending hundreds of meters; In order to obtain match tickets, or to attend various events; What caused severe suffering for him; He was agonized by the human crowding in front of the ports; To obtain tickets related to events or parties; What prompted him to think of radical solutions to this problem, as his idea of ​​“book me”, which used to provide all kinds of tickets “online” and booked electronically; This helped eliminate human congestion in front of ticket outlets.

“Ahjizli” was established in 2012, and has become one of the largest companies in the market for booking events and concerts online, and has concluded agreements and partnerships with many services; Such as El Sawy Culture Wheel, El Geneina Theater, Opera House, and cinemas. It even acquired 40% of the ticket market in Egypt.

Al-Burai sought to expand his company’s activity outside Egypt, but he faced many shocks and challenges, most notably the request of some Arab countries to change the name of the company. To correspond with the Gulf dialect.

Founding PassApp
Hani Al-Borai was concerned, after the difficulties, he faced in expanding his company’s activity outside Egypt. He sold it to A15, which specializes in investing in technology.

In 2016 Hani Al-Burai decided to establish a new company called PassApp. It is a digital key represented in an application available on all Android and IOS mobile systems used to access several portals; Such as home, office, parking lot, electronic gates, clubs, public attractions, and elevators.

PassApp has manufactured more than 500 devices that work in more than 300 enterprises, hotels, road gates, and public places, as well as modern universities and housing estates.

PassApp has achieved great penetration, expanded outside Egypt, and distributed to all services in various institutions.
PassApp will witness the conclusion of other agreements to spread throughout the Arab world during the next stage, with the conclusion of agreements with car-producing companies, and the formation of strategic partnerships in various fields.

PassApp has registered more than a million logins through its application, which is spread across various institutions and services; To get 3 million dollars in financing.

PassApp is proceeding, according to specific plans, controls, and mechanisms, with the aspiration to spread outside Egypt, and a partnership agreement has been concluded with the “Fawry” service to create a wallet in the name of “Cash Pass App”, which users will charge for all of its services.

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