Sunday, June 13, 2021

British series tells of how Johnson handled the Corona crisis

The British “Sky” network has announced a new series, filming soon, that narrates the way British Prime Minister Boris Johnson dealt with the Corona crisis, to be shown in the fall of next year.

The series is called “This Sketchbird Isle” and it is directed by Michael Winterbottom, and the actor Kenneth Prana plays the role of the British Prime Minister.

The five-episode series begins with Boris Johnson assuming the premiership of Britain, and then narrates the emergence of the first cases of Corona in the country in early 2020. This year was unusual for the conservative British Prime Minister, who was personally infected with the virus, and because of which he spent three nights in intensive care in April, followed by the birth of his son Wilfred, two days after his resumption of activity.

Winterbottom, who co-wrote the work with Kieron Quirk, said in a statement, “Our series tells countless real stories, from Boris Johnson in the Prime Ministry to the people on the front lines to confront the virus in the country, and it shows the efforts of scientists, doctors, therapists, and leaders to protect us from the virus.”.

Boris Johnson has faced criticism for being late in addressing the pandemic, which has killed more than 97,000 people in Britain, on the worst toll in Europe.

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