Friday, June 18, 2021

American fashionists are hoping for their new president to protect the fashion industry

Joe Biden arrived at the helm of the US presidency and with him came many changes and changes that former President Donald Trump drew for him and his wife. Today, it is a new era inside the White House and in Uncle Sam’s country, and this is not at all from the political rift that does not concern us, but with regard to the return of the pulse to the dead relationship between this great place and American designers.

What everyone should know before we get to the heart of our topic, is that Melania Trump’s fashion options, which carried messages lined in the smallest details, were very thoughtful, so that the fancy names that were adopted are often from outside the American arena, in other words, she did not wear anything From their designs, and they proved their rejection of her husband’s policy and all his works.

It did not seem to us that Melania Trump was ever remorseful, on the contrary, she chose the most luxurious names, and on the day of her departure, she only accepted a Chanel suit and a luxurious HERMES bag to carry with her, in order to tell them that she did not need their designs and their taste.

But the table turned and the vision clearly cleared between the two parties with Biden’s generation, who took her first positive steps in this relationship with American designers on the day of the inauguration, where she and Vice President Kamala Harris actually succeeded in drawing attention to their Luke, who was carefully thought out and mastered.

Where is the fashion from the politics of Joe Biden?

Over the past year, our pages have been filled with news of American brands that have declared their bankruptcy, those that have closed their doors, or those that are under the weight of debts with the decline in their profits and the dismissal of their employees due to the outbreak of the Corona-virus, which was a strong blow that no one was spared from. Today, however, they are waiting and hoping that support will come from their new president, who soon arrived at the White House, announcing that the United States will re-join the Paris Climate Agreement, as well as impose wearing the mask wherever he is, and a plan to launch the vaccine.

And with America’s accession to the Paris Climate Agreement, this means more sustainability and sustainable manufacturing processes, which will drive brands to adhere to environmental and sound principles; Will you succeed in that?

These changes that American fashion makers are awaiting may take a long time to resolve, and President Biden will not make his magic wand turn things around quickly as they want. So with the vaccine launch plan, the direction of the compass may change with the launch of an economic rescue plan that retailers, brand owners, and the fashion industry crave, with a program that will provide grants of $ 15 billion. Isn’t that what counts as motivation?

On the other hand, the Council of Fashion Designers of America called on new President Joe Biden to loosen tariffs while calling for tax incentives to support designers who create their collections in the United States. The trade organization also hopes that Biden will take the right steps towards protecting the fashion industry while removing these tariffs that were previously imposed on exports and imports, especially those concerned with fashion, shoes, and accessories.

So, the interest of the White House and its embrace of the value of the fashion industry will make a big but slow difference in American fashion. Fashion is not a trivial thing and it can never be overlooked.

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