Saturday, October 16, 2021

American fashion makers declaring a new era

Four years ago, American fashion makers, including designers and signs, agreed to boycott the inauguration of former President Trump to not participate in designing the uniforms of former first lady Melania, only a few of them, and their position was like a declaration of rejection of Trump’s election at the time, to change the situation completely yesterday during the inauguration of President Joe Biden Which was the starting point for supporting local American brands, especially emerging and sustainable ones, and the fashion makers’ celebration of a new era, not only because of Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden but also for the presence of Kamala Harris, the first American Vice President.

In contrast to Melania Trump’s luxurious looks, one of the most famous European brands, the inauguration ceremony yesterday witnessed a celebration and appreciation for American brands, so First Lady Jill Biden was keen to support the rising brand Markarian, while Vice President Kamala Harris adopted her look from celebrity designer Christopher John Rodgers, while President Biden appeared in a suit Signed by Ralph Lauren.

Although the inauguration ceremony was held with the attendance of a limited number and in light of intense separation procedures, American fashion makers celebrated these important moments with their eyes not only on the political and social scene in America, but they knew very well that the lights will be shone on them more strongly than before, and they look to the model of Michelle Obama And her endless support for local and up-and-coming designers and how this has affected their business prosperity to this day.

Designer Jonathan Cohen designed a purple coat with a velvet tie for First Lady Jill Biden on Tuesday on her first visit to Washington before the inauguration. Extremely grateful for playing a small role in this future administration. “

The designer Christopher John Rogers created the Kamala Harris look especially for the inauguration and commented, “Thank you, Madam Vice President. We feel proud and grateful to play such a small role at this historic moment.”

Markarian designer Alexandra O’Neill was on everyone’s talk yesterday after styling first lady Jill Biden’s look, especially as a local New York rising brand, and said, “What an honor to design for Dr. Biden at today’s inauguration. I’m grateful to be such a small part of this. A historic day in American history!

As for Oscar de la Renta, she shared a photo of Vice President Kamala Harris on the eve of the inauguration with a look of a crepe dress sewn from the brand topped a beige coat of the brand pyer moss, and commented: “Although we may physically move away, we are the American people.” United in spirit. “

American designer Prabal Gurung shared a photo of President Biden and Kamala Harris, accompanied by the First Lady and Mr. Second, the Vice President’s husband, commenting, “We warmly congratulate President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris! This is a passionate day. Joe Biden is an inspiring example of flexibility, dignity, and integrity, and Kamala Harris is also, in addition to being an exemplary and inspiring person who broke the glass ceiling. From today we can never say again, that there has never been a vice president. This is America and I am proud to be an American. ” Prabal Gurung used the term glass ceiling for minorities.

Iconic model Cindy Crawford shared a photo of the young poet Amanda Gorman who recited a poem at the inauguration, commenting, “On the day of the new administration we pray for our beautiful, imperfect country.”

Lady Gaga did not shy away from her surreal looks during her participation in the inauguration of President Biden, and wore a dramatic dress carrying a golden brooch of a bird holding an olive branch in a sign of peace. The country I miss so badly and to an artist who has long admired her art. God bless Lady Gaga and God bless America.

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