Sunday, May 16, 2021

Vaccinating 100 million Americans in 100 days … Biden approves a strategic plan to confront Corona

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden signed a number of executive decisions within the framework of his administration’s strategic plan to confront the emerging corona virus, indicating that the plan was prepared by a large number of American experts, including the chief infectious disease expert in the United States, Anthony Fauci and his medical team.

Biden said at a press conference at the White House, Thursday evening, “We have a strategy of 198 pages based on science and facts, not on politics.”

Biden pledged to vaccinate 100 million Americans against the Corona virus within 100 days, with the establishment of 100 vaccination centers, and the provision of vaccines in local pharmacies, starting from the seventh of February.

And according to the description of the US President, at the press conference, the previous administration “failed in its handling of the Corona file,” indicating that the virus is 4 times more harmful to minorities than it does to others.

Biden revealed that his plan includes requiring travelers on international flights to be quarantined upon arrival, in accordance with the directives of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Biden said that he would ask Congress to provide funds for health workers, pointing out that he had directed the establishment of a call center in every state to confront the Corona virus, to make the most of cooperation between the federal government and the states.

He revealed the creation of a federal examination board to ensure that screenings are provided in places people need, and this helps companies and schools open their doors.

The US President indicated that he would sign a declaration to start immediately compensating states with 100% for their use of their National Guard in the context of dealing with the virus.

Biden instructed Americans to wear masks during the next 100 days on transportation, pointing out that wearing the muzzle until April will save more than 50 thousand lives, especially as “it is not possible to vaccinate everyone before several months have passed.”

Biden warned that the number of deaths due to infection with the Coronavirus in the United States will exceed 500 thousand people, after it reached 400 thousand people this week, stressing that the previous administration, referring to the Trump administration, had failed to confront the spread of the Corona virus.

The US President renewed his previous statements, in which he confirmed that the Corona virus crisis in his country is heading for the worse before it begins to dip, and Biden said that his administration will recognize the mistakes when they are committed, and will inform the American people about that.

The US President expressed his thanks to the National Guard, which took over a large part of securing the inauguration ceremony, saying, “I thank all the law enforcement and security forces that provided the inauguration ceremony.”

Biden’s decisions included supply chains, providing safety for American workers, ensuring an equal response to the pandemic, and an executive order on aviation safety, in addition to establishing a council to combat “Covid-19”, studying safely reopening schools, increasing access to treatment for coronavirus, and a decision on Global response.

The number of deaths due to corona infection in the United States has reached 405 thousand and 400 deaths, since the start of the outbreak, while the number of injuries in the countries most affected by the epidemic has reached more than 24.4 million cases.

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