Monday, July 26, 2021

Nayef Malaeb, founder of “Play Hera”: We are proud of the world champion of FIFA and the world champion of international universities

He was not only playing electronic games as a youngster, but he was also interested in their mechanism of action and their features. When he grew up, he dreamed of entering the world of game makers. The kingdom was the great embrace to realize his dream, so Nayef Malaeb became a prominent entrepreneur in the field of electronic games. So we had this dialogue with him.

How does Nayef Malaeb know himself?

I love challenges and adventures, I love technology, and I always see it there. We have solutions that contribute to facilitating our daily lives. I like the nature of entrepreneurship in its true meaning; It is creating something new with an added value different from the previous one. Likewise, I wake up every day with satisfaction with myself and have a goal I strive to achieve.

When was your start in the field of entrepreneurship?

I believe in freelance work from a young age; So my Arabic handwriting was beautiful, so I used to write on my colleagues’ portfolios for a fee. I graduated from university and quickly gained professional experience in financial, marketing, operational and legal management. In 2011 AD, she established her first commercial project, then devoted himself to it in 2014.

The problem of financing

What are the main challenges you faced?

There is no doubt that the most difficult challenges facing any entrepreneur are financing and experience in establishing the project. The challenges I lived a year ago are much easier than the challenges I live today, as well as the ones that will emerge in the future. Challenges are there as long as we breathe; This is the Sunnah of life. What matters is how we accept these challenges, and how we overcome them in the smartest way. And I often laugh whenever I remember the challenges of previous years.

App includes games

How did you find the Saudis’ interest in electronic games?

The Saudis have a long history in this field, both male and female, as we have talents who have been able to achieve shifts in electronic games, most notably the Kingdom’s pride in electronic sports, the professional player Musaed Al Dossary, FIFA World Cup Champion and Professional Player; We find the world champion of the international universities competition.

The popularity of these games is increasing day by day, especially with the multiplicity of methods that were previously confined to computers and game devices, which are now available on smartphones.

In addition, the Kingdom is one of the countries with the highest smartphone acquisition. What allows players to play the game through it. And this great spread of games via smartphones, making it an independent industry today, and it has a slightly different market for games via the computer or special devices; So we saw in “Play Hera” a window of opportunity, so we designed an application that includes these games and the players who are interested in them, and we were a pioneer in that.

Saudi Federation for Mental Sports

Does the Saudi Federation for Mental Sports play a role in developing such projects?

There is no doubt that the role of the Federation is very important; So, I thank them for the support we find, and the continuous communication with them, as they are a government umbrella that contributes to the speedy attainment of the desired goals.

The presence of the union today with a supportive personality; Like His Highness the Prince; Faisal bin Bandar, who gives seriousness and more attention to all sides.

How would you rate the trial 18 months after its launch?

A rich experience in every sense of the word, we faced challenges and difficulties, but a project of this size – whether in terms of investment or global reach – needs time to reach the required level of maturity.

Happy with the experience in general, and I can imagine where “Play Hera” will be on the world map during the next three years, God willing.

Where do you expect to reach the level of mental sport in Saudi Arabia after five years?

I expect an advanced level, as we noticed that the turnout is not limited to a certain group, a certain gender, or a specific age, but there are young men, and there are elderly people, doctors, engineers, and businessmen, who participate in these games enthusiastically.

I think the language of marketing is different every day, and I am very happy that the platform is contributing in this regard to attract more sponsors.

What are your next plans?

We have several projects that we are currently working on, including signing several agreements with major game producers, as well as spreading the platform. To be in several countries from East Asia to South America.

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