Sunday, June 13, 2021

From the converse shoe to masculine suits, Kamala Harris continues to use fashion to empower women

Kamala Harris went down in history yesterday, swearing-in on Vice President Joe Biden, becoming the first woman, first black American, and first Asian American to hold the second-highest office in the country. This position makes it one step away from assuming the presidency of the country if Joe Biden is exposed to any emergency event!

Born to a mother and father who immigrated to the United States from India and Jamaica, Harris has a long track record of breaking unseen barriers. She was the first female attorney general in San Francisco and also the first woman of color to be elected as a California attorney general. Kamala resigned today from her Senate seat but will continue to play a prominent role in it. The US Vice President holds the presidency of the Senate so that any tie in the votes cast in the 100-member House is likely. Divided evenly between Democrats and Republicans, Harris gives her party control of the Senate.

Her criminal justice experience could benefit the Biden administration in handling racial equality issues and police conduct after protests swept the country this year. She is expected to be a senior advisor in nominations for judicial positions.

On the day Joe Biden chose her to be his next deputy in the event he wins the elections, Kamala sparked a wave of controversy between supporters and opponents, as she appeared with a casual look in which her sporty shoes emerged from the Converse brand. Others saw it as a disrespect for her future political career.

However, on the other hand, Converse has witnessed a remarkable increase in its sales since that day, as people have come to buy the brand’s products intensely after they become linked in their minds to two main concepts: empowering women working in decision-making, and respect for minorities and different ethnicities.

Whereas Hillary Clinton was known for her classic Scarlett suits, Angela Merkel was known for her square blazers, and Theresa May was known for her shoes adorned with a leopard print, the Converse became the signature of Kamala Harris, who, through this step, contributed to the concept of women’s liberation and the strengthening of her strength and presence.

The views of Kamala Harris, which carry clear political, economic, and human rights meanings and messages, were followed, especially during the inauguration ceremony that was held on January 20 in the capital, Washington.

At the event that was held on January 19 to stand a minute of silence for the souls of Americans who died due to the Corona-virus, she chose a black high-collar look from Oscar De La Renta, which is native to the Dominican Republic, with a classic beige coat from the African-American Pyer Moss brand – Thus, this outlook carried references to the necessity of respecting different ethnicities as well as supporting and empowering women.

On the day of the inauguration, she appeared with a formal look from emerging American brands that included Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson, and the media cheered for this choice, which they saw symbolizes the beginning of a new era.

Returning to her archive photos, we noticed that Kamala usually chooses classic formal looks when she has to give speeches. We saw her in elegant gray and indigo suits, and small checkered suits, along with creamy white and burgundy, and the masculine features prevailed over these. Looks that missed the exaggerated feminine details, such as soft knots, plaid scarves, or blazers with a thin waist.

In the end, we can only express our support for Kamala as an example for women who have overcome all challenges and have proven their presence in various areas of life. All it takes is more time for Kamala to truly live up to the aspirations and hopes placed on her.

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