Saturday, October 16, 2021

French cinema is losing 70% of revenue in 2020

French film revenues abroad recorded a significant decline in 2020, amounting to about 70% due to the Corona pandemic, with Russia ranked at the top of the list of countries with the most follow-up to French cinema.

In total, French films attracted 13.7 million spectators all over the world in regions and periods when cinemas were open in light of the spread of the Corona-virus, according to what the company “Universe” in charge of promoting French seventh art in the world announced Tuesday.

This figure reflects a decline of about 70% compared to the previous year, and revenues fell by the same percentage, recording 86.6 million euros.

In the absence of huge successes, only two French films have crossed the one million viewers threshold in 2020 since their release in theaters, compared to 7 films in 2019.

Celine Sciama’s “Portrait de la Jeanne in a Vieux” attracted 1.47 million spectators outside France, followed by Roman Polanski’s “Jacuzzi” with 1.41 million viewers.

Russia toppled Italy in terms of the number of spectators for the French films shown in its galleries, with 1.46 million spectators, a decline of nearly half, followed by Spain, then Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.

During the presentation of the numbers, Gilles Renoir, one of the directors of UNIVERSITY, indicated that “French films continued to spread in 2020 in international theaters, as” many films were absent, especially Hollywood productions. “

He stressed that “French cinema maintained its position,” but expected that 2021 would not be an “easy year.”

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