Monday, July 26, 2021

Corona quarantines the drama industry in Lebanon and threatens the Ramadan season

TV drama producers and makers in Lebanon are facing a grinding crisis, after stopping filming dramas for the upcoming Ramadan season, following the repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic, and news came out that the government intends to extend the general closure in the country until February 15th.

Dozens of Arab and local series have begun filming in Lebanon since last December, as there are many Gulf, Egyptian and Syrian stars waiting in hotels and they do not know the fate of filming, according to what a number of companies have confirmed.

Production companies are conducting serious negotiations with the Lebanese government to grant them exemptions, such as the media sector, in order for them to complete filming series, and catch up with the Ramadan drama season next April.

Productive industrial sector

Producer Marwan Haddad said that huge losses may befall the TV industry in Lebanon if the resumption of series is delayed, especially since the company has concluded official contracts with local and Arab platforms and stations, and there is a penalty clause in those contracts.

Haddad explained that his company stopped filming the series “Al-Hayy Al-Shaabi” and “Al-Basha 3”, continuing: “Lebanon is experiencing a stifling economic crisis like it has not seen since the French mandate, and we are an industrial sector before it was artistic, as its profits drive the Lebanese economic wheel. The sector has huge job opportunities, so the state must give us exceptions so that the industry does not collapse. “

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