Sunday, June 13, 2021

A quick look at First Lady Jill Biden’s simple looks as she enters the White House

Yesterday a new woman entered the White House: it’s Biden’s generation. Four years after the looks of Melania Trump, we are on a date with many changes, not only in terms of “beauty and elegance,” but with the arrival of Joe Baida to the presidency, which means a new era for Americans and the world.

Away from boring political talk, we focus our attention on First Lady Jill Biden, who will be the most discussed topic in the coming period, especially as she showed a lot of support for her husband, unlike Melania, who was showing estrangement and remoteness in her relationship with President Donald Trump.

Who is Jill Biden?

Before we go in and evaluate her options and her looks, we must introduce you a little bit to the new American first lady, who will also be interested in following her news.

It’s Jill Tracy Biden, 70 years old. She worked as an English language teacher and co-founded the Biden Breast Health Organization, Book Buddies, and the Biden Foundation, and co-founded joining forces alongside Michelle Obama.

During the election campaign for her president-elect, Jill showed her full cooperation and dedicated support to her partner, which made the press and critics aware of this from the first moment, and in our opinion this is the secret of the success and superiority of some presidents over others. Do you agree with that?

Jill Biden fashion

As for here, in this part of our conversation, we have reached the most important part. Before we get into the forecasts and predictions for the fashion and clothing that you might choose, we will go back a little bit with you to some of Jill Biden’s looks, whether during the campaign or when her husband was Vice President Barack Obama, but they did not gain much attention at the time.

What we can conclude about Gill’s style is that it is very simple, and it seems that it tends to be unaffordable, as it suffices to choose short but colorful dresses rich in prints with conservative cuts or dresses in the model of coats that have become today an option for princesses, dukes and famous personalities.

But what about her looks during the election campaign?

Biden’s generation has not changed much style as it still maintains one identity and this is what we expect for the coming days. Many times she wore short-cut dresses from American brands as well in light purple by Christian Siriano or in satin with fringes by Gabriela Hearst to have more vibrant and refreshing options such as the colorful floral dress from Dolce and Gabbana.

So, all eyes will start from today on the White House podiums, awaiting the first lady’s looks, whether or not she will carry veiled messages, as well as whether she will be of luxury brands or will adhere to the principle of “humility” and ordinary looks.

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