Saturday, January 29, 2022

Sharjah Arts foundation open admission for Short Film Production Grant

The Sharjah Arts Foundation announced the opening of applications for a grant for producing short films within the fourth session of the “Sharjah Film Platform”, with a total value of $ 30,000 awarded to the winners to produce and complete their short film projects.

The Foundation called on filmmakers to submit a grant application, including an overview of the film’s genre, theme, structure, plot, characters, locations, in addition to the original text of the film, budget schedule, production, and a video link that includes a summary of the film on the Vimeo website or YouTube “, with a duration not exceeding 3 minutes.

Filmmakers are allowed to choose the artistic approach, form, and content that is consistent with their vision in presenting the summary, whether the director is speaking and clarifying his vision, or by presenting a promotional film, “trailer”, or selections from previous work, provided that applicants are evaluated according to the quality of the text, until Besides their creative and artistic skills and their vision in implementing the film.

Application for the grant is available internationally, provided that the deadline for submitting applications is March 7, and the film’s duration does not exceed 50 minutes. The completed films will be shown in the upcoming sessions of the Sharjah Film Platform.

The Sharjah Film Platform is an annual film festival launched by the Sharjah Art Foundation to support the art scene in the UAE and the surrounding region, and the world, by providing a necessary platform for well-known and emerging filmmakers, producers, critics, and students. Since its first edition in 2018, the platform has expanded Its programs have seen increasing participation from the region and the world.

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