Monday, July 26, 2021

Apple closes a tech gap that allows iPhone apps to run on Mac devices

Apple announced that it had closed a tech gap that allowed users to run any application from its iPhone phones on its Mac and MacBook computers operating with its own M1 processor.

Last year, the company allowed users of its computer devices with its new processor, the ability to run iPhone applications on Mac devices, but some of these applications are not equipped to work with that feature on the part of its developers.

Clever trick

But Apple also provided developers with an option regarding the possibility of denying their applications to work on Mac computers, and in doing so, they would be removed from the Mac Store.

In order for users to be able to run any iPhone app on their Mac, they would download the IPA files of any iPhone app onto their computer, so that they could run it using services like iMazing.

But after Apple’s decision, none of the Mac users will be able to rely on this clever trick, and they will not be able to run any iPhone application on computer devices unless its developers have provided a copy of it on the Mac Store.

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