Saturday, October 16, 2021

The effects of “Brexit” … obstacles to the movement of trade with Europe

Days after the United Kingdom left the Common Market and the European Union’s common customs system, the British began to feel the effects of this political and economic separation on the ground.

Speaking to Al Sharq, Pete White (40 years), the owner of a transport company based in Berkshire, revealed that his trucks had been detained on the French border for dozens of hours.

White said that his trucks “often transport fresh British meat to European markets and return loaded with vegetables and food products, such as pasta and fruits from Italy, and milk and bread from France, and sometimes his trucks transport meat to Heathrow Airport in the capital, London, to make its way to some of the luxury restaurants in … Dubai. “

White, who was waiting for news about one of his trucks stuck on the French border for 16 hours, while speaking with Al Sharq, added that, despite our possession of all the required papers, we are losing huge sums of money every day since January 4, and we pay extra wages to the drivers … Every day there is an increase in waiting, which means a loss. ”He emphasized:“ We knew that the situation would be difficult. The problem is that there are not enough resources.

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