Friday, October 15, 2021

American Basketball League … seventh match postponed due to Corona-virus

Los Angeles- Agencies

The NBA announced, on Wednesday, the postponement of the match scheduled for this day between the Phoenix Suns and the Atlanta Hawks, due to the inability of the owners of the land to secure the minimum number of players to fight because of the emerging corona-virus.

“Due to the continuous contact tracing inside the Suns, the team does not have the required number of eight players available to play tonight’s match against the Hawks,” the association said in a statement.

It is the seventh match that the League is forced to postpone due to the “Covid-19” virus, three weeks after the start of the season, specifically since December 22, last year, and it comes at a time when the League and Players’ League updated health and safety protocols for the Corona virus on Tuesday with the aim of stopping its spread.

The association added that the new measures were imposed “due to an increase in cases of COVID-19 across the country, and a slight increase among NBA teams that require quarantine for players.”

Players and technical equipment must, during the next two weeks at least, remain at their residence at all times during the club’s matches at its stadium, except for going to the playground and sports facilities for their teams or practicing basic activities, except in exceptional circumstances.

During travel, they cannot leave the hotel, except to go to training and play in the hall or in case of emergency, and they are also prohibited from communicating with hotel guests.

These enhanced protocols drew criticism from some players, most notably Oklahoma City Thunder star George Hill, who commented after losing to the San Antonio Spurs 102-112 “I am an adult. I will do what I want to do.”

“If I want to go see my family, I will go see my family. They can’t tell me that I have to stay in a room 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If it’s this dangerous, maybe we shouldn’t play.

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