Saturday, January 29, 2022

Talal Al-Ajami: Inspiration and Leadership

The founder and president of VI Markets is an ideal model for an entrepreneur who has invested in the new trend of key sectors such as financial markets, e-commerce, and the world of knowledge in its various fields. He launched many social initiatives that helped empower women and was an example of a pioneer, not only in creating unique investment tools but also in supporting the communities in which he works through training in the use of professional trading platforms and opening unconventional investment horizons.

Talal Al-Ajmi quickly became involved in the world of international companies after his graduation, gaining experiences that enabled him to create his own path in the world of entrepreneurship. Although the world of trading is a complex world that needs expertise, and a market that is subject to intense competition, his company, VI Markets, has been able to stand out and excel in this field; His achievements in many fields earned him wide fame, and he was chosen as one of the most important men who inspire young people who aspire to leadership and excellence.

In this dialogue, Talal Al-Ajami talks about his life, career and mission in life:

Tell us about your beginnings and how your studies affected the choice of your path as an IT graduate? My start in this field was a coincidence, I had no idea about the world of markets and money at that time, but an announcement about trading behind the university was enough to attract my attention, and make me pay attention, read and learn more about trading; I still remember this day specifically in my freshman year in Pennsylvania, where I was studying technology sciences.

Commerce won my passion since I was young and I always heard the phrase “You are a merchant business” from family and friends because I seek to create opportunities from any project I manage – and indeed during my studies, I had a few small projects that I ran with my brothers in Kuwait and they had a good financial return. After my graduation, the job in the petroleum company was imposed on me by my father, but I did not find myself in this field, so I worked in several companies specialized in investing with a lower salary to gain sufficient experience in trading; So I noticed that the market lacked awareness and education, and on the other hand, I saw that this field is what suits my personality and aspirations. This reflected on my positive performance, as I was asked to assume a prominent position at a very young age in one of the companies. At the time, I did not see myself in an administrative position, and then the idea of ​​self-employment came to me, as my ambition was greater than the job. Indeed, I started freelancing by establishing a brokerage firm with modest capital and in a modest office with four people. With perseverance and effort, VI Markets is today one of the leading brokerage firms in the region.

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