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Entrepreneur Hussain Al-Saddi: “Sawaed digital health” is one of the top 50 projects in the Kingdom

Vision 2030 was the inspiration for the idea of ​​the “Sawaed Digital Health Platform” project, which won the best idea award by voting by the audience in the Ideas Marathon competition in Arabnet 2019, then obtaining the support of “Monshaat”, and the support of the Saudi German Hospital; The project will be launched in 4 Gulf countries. So this dialogue was with Hussein bin Ali Issa Al-Saddi; Founder of the project …

How do you define yourself?

Hussain bin Ali Issa Al-Saddi, the founder of the Digital Health platform, is an entrepreneur interested in technology and job creation, a certified international trainer in human development, and 14 years of experience in the private sector.

My company is concerned with training and helps recruit graduates through a digital platform to qualify students and health workers to pass professional exams and obtain a license to practice the profession, as it transfers training and qualification programs from university halls to the digital world in the categories of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry.

Vision 2030 – How was the “Sawaed Digital Health Platform” project established?

The idea was crystallized through Vision 2030, through which we discover dozens of business opportunities that only require the preparation of an action plan for implementation. Since their chances of success are high, you will find with each opportunity a government program that supports you.

I found among the opportunities presented in Vision 2030 to reduce unemployment, localize jobs, develop educational curricula, build a stimulating and attractive learning environment, and contribute to education in developing human capital to meet the requirements and needs of the labor market.

And through my participation in the “Technology Pioneers” program, and through the “Rowad Technology Accelerator”, I started establishing my project; The “digital health arms” platform, which is concerned with training, qualifying, and employing health practitioners in the Kingdom and the Gulf Cooperation Council, and qualifying them to pass specialization tests in the categories of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry, and providing them with job opportunities in the private sector.

I participated with my project idea in the Arabnet Ideas Marathon 2019; The largest technical event in the Kingdom; It won the best idea award by audience vote after sorting more than 100 ideas in the Middle East.

After that, we participated in the Startup Competition at the Saudi Forum for Startups with the support of “Monsha’at”, and we were honored with the digital health arms project with 14 participants, after screening more than 200 participating projects.

Is the project limited to the Kingdom only?

It has been agreed with four Gulf countries to operate the Sawaed digital health platform to qualify health practitioners in their countries; To obtain a professional license; The agreement was made at a forum and presentation of entrepreneurs, which was organized by the Chamber of Commerce in the Eastern Province.

The Digital Health Handsets project has qualified among the top 50 projects in the Kingdom out of 3000 projects participating in the Technology Pioneers Program, with the support of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Liquidity – What about the main challenges?

The most prominent of which was the problem of financial liquidity to end the agreement with the coaches to put programs in the platform, in preparation for its launch on the market. And we beat it with our own savings.

How do you find competition in this sector?

Competition is very fierce; There are 200 governmental and private training institutions in Saudi Arabia working in the same field, but “digital health arms” was established with a vision based on establishing partnerships with these bodies, not competing with them. If we have agreed with a government training agency; It is Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, the Graduate Center. To support the employment and training of university graduates of both nationalities in medical specializations; To increase their competitiveness in the labor market and increase the rate of Emiratisation in health, in line with the goals of national transformation and the 2030 vision.

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