Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Who is the chef, Mona Mawsli

Mona Suleiman Mawsouli was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and her hobby and love for cooking began, so she is soft in the nails and learned the art of cooking from her mother, and the mother of the chef, Mona, who is of Syrian origin and is not hidden from anyone the splendor and beauty of the Syrian kitchens and the wonderful flavors, Chef Mona Mawsli is considered one of the biggest and best chefs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, as she innovated in the field of cooking and developed the best distinctive recipes for food and sweets as well, so we will introduce who is Chef Mona Mawsli.

Mona Mawsaly and teach her the art of cooking

Mona Mawsaly loves the art of cooking and went to the field of cooking, and also Mona studied cooking and its arts in a scientific and practical manner finished the general secondary education stage and traveled to Switzerland to study the art of cooking and the multiple protocols in order to prepare and present foods from a table arrangement, and she is considered one of the best and best-distinguished chefs in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia, as she studied culinary arts at Le Cordon bleu Institute at the hands of a distinguished group of the best international chefs, and she traveled to London in 2006, where she qualified for the study by joining the Lailati Hall, which is one of the largest ceremonial halls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The work of Mona Mawsli

Chef Mona Mawsli worked for two years at the famous Plaza Athenee Firsi Hotel, next to one of the most skilled and also one of the most famous chefs in the world, Chef El-Nado Cass, and worked on many programs and also developed many books with oriental and western recipes and many recipes for sweet and savory. Social communication as well, and then she returned to her country of origin and joined the inspection work at the private Saudi airline.

Chef Mona Mawsaly found out through her participation in the jury dedicated to the Arabic version of The Taste program, who participated alongside the Egyptian chef Alaa El-Sherbiny, as well as the Syrian chef, as well as Anisa El-Helou and the American Lebanese chef. Chef Mona is considered the youngest member of the jury, and this has proven her competence as well as her skill and has a critical opinion My science and methodology are also clear.

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