Sunday, June 13, 2021

Setting your phone in “flight mode” does not reduce its damage!

It has become known that the mobile phone has physical damage to our health, especially when placed next to us in the bedroom. Researchers warn again of its harmful effects, even when it is set to “flight mode” at night. Why?

We usually put our mobile phone next to us on the “comedino” next to the bed at night, whether that is because we do not want to miss any calls or messages, or because we want to see the events at the beginning of the morning, or some may use the mobile phone as a substitute for the alarm.

There are many reasons why we should place a mobile phone as close as possible so we can reach it at night. But a study published in the German magazine “Brigitte”, warned of this daily habit.

It is a habit we all may do without realizing the serious damage that we may inflict on our bodies as a result of it. It is known from a group of previous studies that our cell phones emit harmful radiation on our brains. But what many of us may not know is that these radiations may endanger our health in general.

Is it useful to set the phone to “Airplane Mode”?

But there is also another reason that everyone may be overlooked, and that is that mobile phone radiation, which is suspected of causing cancer, may also be emitted from a mobile phone, even in those times when we do not make calls through it. The emissions are there as long as the phone next to us is on, and they are especially effective when it is at head height.

Also, changing the phone to “Airplane Mode” is not the best solution, contrary to what many of us think. Many people switch their phones at night to flight mode, believing that this may prevent the emission of harmful radiation. However, this mode only reduces mobile phone radiation but does not completely prevent its emission. You are only really safe if you turn off the device completely or put it somewhere else.

How dangerous are mobile phone rays?

The effect of mobile phone radiation on our brains has been researched for several years, including at the Weizmann Institute of Science, and the result is that just fifteen minutes on a phone can permanently alter our brain cells.

According to a scientific article on the German “Spiegel” website, current studies cannot examine how our bodies interact after thirty years of using a mobile phone. “In the past, no one had a cell phone near their head for a long time from an early age,” says Professor Matthias Vuchik of the Deggendorf Technical Institute. “Long-term knowledge is simply lost, even if it is reassuring and no serious effects have been observed.” Until now.”

Scientists are taking a closer look at the potential results that remain in question. Some studies raise the question of whether there are other effects besides thermal effects that could, in turn, lead to health impairments, says the researcher. Driessen visited him from the Research Center for Electromagnetic Environmental Compatibility at the University of Aachen, “such as the development of cancer, sensitivity to electricity, or effects on sleep and operations.” Perceptual. “

The changes that occur at the cellular level are the same as those that occur when cancer is formed. For this reason, researchers have warned about the risk of developing cancer through cell phone radiation. However, this relationship has not been definitively researched and confirmed. However, it does not hurt to keep your cell phone away from the bedroom at night, for your safety and for a good night’s sleep.

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