Tuesday, September 28, 2021

From a lawyer to a chef

From a lawyer to a licensed chef, Houria Zanoun, a Canadian woman of Algerian origin, is truly the expert in preparing and making all kinds of French bread and pastries known internationally such as croissants, tarts, baguettes, and thousands of her other inventions.

Mrs. Houria completed her postgraduate studies in culinary art and cuisine in Canada, choosing sweets as a field of her high specialization.

Algerian chef Houria Zenoun starred through the “Kitchen Houria” program, thanks to her experience and distinction in making all kinds of Arabic and international bread and pastries with different flavors and touches of her own. The chef received a postgraduate degree in gastronomy in Canada, specializing in confectionery, and she has published a magazine in which she publishes all her special recipes that are of interest to women.

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