Monday, July 26, 2021

More Arab stars and bloggers are launching their own beauty labels

It is very safe to say that our local cosmetic brands are competing with Western brands. Thanks to the ambition and passion of their founders in the world of makeup and their long experience with cosmetics.

With Kuwaiti Noha Nabil launching her label yesterday, we will walk you through the 5 most prominent Arab beauty brands behind 5 successful women.

Noha Nabil Beauty: A cosmetics brand for all the women of the Arab world Famous Arab influencer Noha Nabil, known as Nohastyleicon, presents her biggest project ever, a line of makeup products under the title “Noha Nabil”. Noha was influenced by the world and the civilization in which she lives, and her community was the source of her inspiration to create beauty products from an Arab woman to the Arab world.

This group offers products with rich colors, long-lasting effects and suitable for all climates. Although she has a large audience on her Instagram page, she chose to communicate with a larger segment through her message, “Color your life with your options.”

Pics Beauty: Belkis Fathy steps into the world of beauty with a foundation The passion of the distinguished Emirati singer Belqis Fathi for the world of make-up and the art of colors began from the very young age of her nails, as she used to watch her mother admiringly while wearing her makeup every morning. Since that moment, Balqees has been keen to watch many makeup lessons and the latest trends, and she has also become a good follow-up to many of her makeup expert friends so that she learns everything about this magical world.

Natalie Beauty: A new beauty brand to empower women Natalie Salloum, a young beauty lover and influencer on social media, has succeeded in transforming this passion into an online kingdom of beauty, to communicate with her followers in Lebanon, the Middle East, North Africa and all the world, inspiring and inspiring them. She uses social media channels, expressing her love for fashion and lifestyle, as a platform to empower and encourage women of all ages to stick to their dreams and believe in their passion.

By Fouz: Cosmetics for the employer mother, the woman and the lady at home After two and a half years of work and effort to launch the brand in the fullest way, Kuwaiti blogger Fouz Al-Fahd announced the launch of her own beauty brand, By Fouz. Commenting on the brand, Al-Fahd said that she searched for things that would benefit the most employed mother, the woman, and the lady at home, so she launched her own makeup brand and encouraged everyone to launch their own brands, not only in the field of make-up, but in fashion, perfumes and others.

Rawan Bin Hussein: Cosmetics that suit the personality of an ambitious woman Rawan bin Hussein is a young Kuwaiti who, despite her young age, managed to make her way successfully on social media. Always aspiring for more, Rawan was one of the first bloggers to love beauty so much, as she chose to broaden her aesthetic horizons to launch her own brand, House of Rawan.

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